Read Error/w Nero Express6/w Copy Entire Disc

I did a search of the fourm and I couldn’t find anything that covered what I am experiencing.

I was copying dvd’s using the copy entire disc option on Nero 6 express.

I copied about 6 with no problems back to back … then one copy I got a read error after 2 minutes into the burn. I checked the disc and there was a little dirt so I clean it and the burn when through fine. :clap:

I started to copy the next disc (this time I made sure it was clean before inserting) and 4 minutes into the burn I got a read error.

I clean the disc and clean the drive … three minutes in … another read error. :a

I tried another dvd I needed to copy … again 2 minutes in read error and burn failure. :sad:

Could it be the drive or Nero? I ordered another drive (Sony DRU-810A) but unfortunately it arrived DOA. So I will not get a replacement until the end of next week. :rolleyes:

So in the meantime I need to find out if Nero could be causing the problem. :confused:

If you need to see a log how to I do that?

Thank you for your time. :iagree:

Oh my goodness … you mean to say no one has any idea what is going on?

Read errors are a common thing. This hasn’t happen to anyone?

Isn’t there anyone that can help?

Well I purchase a new dvd burner and used it to read the copied disc … I had no problems doing a copy to copy.

Looks like the dvd-rom I was using was defective when if came to reading copies … however all other functions worked properly.

Problem solved. :slight_smile: