Read error settings

Occasionally I backup an old DVD that is in poor condition and that contains one or more unreadable areas. I wondered what settings you all use with damaged disks. The two basic options are 1) retry/abort/ignore and 2) ignore all reading errors automatically. The latter option contains additional settings for retry times and skip sectors after a reading error.

I think my preference would be that DVDFab notify me of the read error during the copy process and then continue by skipping the bad sectors. I have attempted to do this by selecting retry/abort/ignore but that doesn’t seem to work.

As an aside, I always clean older or dirty disks, and I have two quality DVD writers.

Thanks for the advice.

Hi Modred
The behaviour of DVDFab seems to be that it pops the box up to ask you what to do only after it has tried to read the bad spot the number of retries you have selected. I have it set for one retry and skip ahead 10 sectors. If I know a disc may have problems I disable the read ahead cache also. If it just keeps grinding and grinding, I abort it and click Ignore read errors and see how the playback looks.


I thought the retry-times and skip-sectors options only applied to the ignore-all-errors settings. I see now that they apply to both.

I’ll have to get out a copy of one of a damaged disks and run it through DVDFab, because I don’t recall things working precisely the way you describe (the abort then retry part). I’m sure my memory is faulty, and I need to pay better attention.

Thanks again,