Read Error - error - File 1 D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_2.VOB 23

Hello to all who try to help us newbies !!! I have been an avid burner for about 3 years, but do not consider myself a pro. Now to the point…
I am (somewhat) new to my AnyDVD (version - TRIAL Version) and my Clone DVD (Version I am about at the halfway mark of my trial version, and have been burning several a day, and all of a sudden the other day I get this error - File 1 D:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_2.VOB 23
> TCSectorReader . It tells me that the disk may be dirty (which it isnt) or scratched (and its not.) So I try several other movies to burn and the same thing happens… any suggestions? I want to buy this software, but not if its going to crap out on me. I like this kind of simplistsic software, and was using DVD X Platinum (which most people I hear hate…) I reported this issue to the company and this was their response…
Please try to access the DVD with the AnyDVD tool Anyripper:

Please create a new folder on your desktop first and label it with the
movie title.

Make a single click with the right mouse button onto the red fox tray
icon (right taskbar next to the clock) and select “rip video dvd to
harddisk” and select the new folder as the target where to rip it to.

Then open your copy software and let it read from that new folder
(select the new folder as the source of where to copy from).

Kind regards
So, after trying this several times, same result…
PLEASE EMAIL ME SOME HELP ASAP !!! This software has been working flawlessly for the past 18 days !!!

When you say your tried several other movies, was it the same movie but different dvd or a [I]different movie[/I]? I once had this problem with 4 new dvds of “Across the Sea”, turned out to be a bad batch of manufactured dvds (movie dvds, not blanks media). AnyDVD/CloneDVD is a great combo, so I don’t think it’s the software. However, you might try DVDFabdecryptor, it’s free and does a decent job with problem dvds. By most reports, the new Ripit4me (also free) is even better, it works with DVDdecryptor, Shrink and Fixvts, all free. But, These will take an hour or so for the complete process, whereas AnyDVD/CloneDVD takes me +/- 13 min. complete.
The AnyDVD ripper (right click on the red fox icon and click rip to hard drive) also incorporate Fixvts, so it might work, but it takes a lot longer than the norma way.

Thanks for such a fast reply.
No, I tried different movies, and never even got a chance to insert media due to it being a Read error. I dont know whats the deal with it. I did ask my pal that got me started with this combo of software, and recently he has had the EXACT same problem. We are both on our trial period of this software, he has burned over 40 titles and I have done only about a dozen. This stuff has worked so flawlessly in recent days, seems a shame to get to this point and nothing. Please let me know of any other ideas that you, or others may have.
Thanks again,

Maybe the trial period is over. I know you said 18 days, but I have read posts where it cut off early. Try those other software I mentioned. (for dvdfabdecryptor)

I am trying one as we speak, will post the results after its done. Here’s hoping that it works…
dont know if the trial is over, my pal that was mentioned before has had it a lot longer than me. Also the company suggests that you use the trial in its entirety before buying, since they do not offer any refunds. Let me know what cha think… thanks again.

Personally, I’m a big fan of AnyDVD/CloneDVD, been using it for years and so far all updates are free. AnyDVD give free updates for life, how many companies do that. I use the combo 99% of the time. The only movie I had problems with was the one I mentioned below, “Across the Sea”, it was a damaged disc. Couldn’t back it up with AnyDVD/Clonedvd or DVDdecryptor, finally got a decent copy with DVDFabdecryptor though there was a tiny bit of pixelization, 2-3 secs., where the errors were. I also use DVDrebuilder for long movies that require high compression. All-in-all, I like AnyDVD/CloneDVD the best. Most movies take me less that 15 min. to rip and burn, none more that 20 min. The others take an hour or more and Rebuilder takes approx. 4 hrs., but does an excellent job.