Read Error - Cycle Redundancy Check


I have bought myself a legitimate copy of FootballManager2006. Using Alcohol120%, I have made a full copy of the game. The output was an MDS/MDF image. I have converted it to ISO. When mounting and playing from the HDD, the game works superbly.

However, when I burn it to a disc (Verbatim “DataLifePlus” CD-R, 48x, 700Mb, DL+, Crystal+SuperAZO, Media: MCC) using the “DATA CD” method in Nero, I can’t open the image with WinRAR or copy it to my HDD. I’m getting the following error message:

! Read error in the file E:\Football.Manager.2006.PC.CD.AlcoholClone.iso
Data error (cyclic redundancy check).

What to do? I have already wasted to discs! Do I need to use ISO/UDF or UDF CD? Do I need to use ImgBurn?

Moreover, two more quick question:

  1. Under what conditions do I use ISO CD/DVD in Nero?
  2. Under what conditions do I use ISO/UDF CD/DVD in Nero?
  3. Under what conditions do I use UDF CD/DVD in Nero?

Thanks A TON in advance and sorry for the bugging. :bow:


Why did you convert an quality format like MDF/MDS to ISO? That would be most likely where your problem lies. Create the Alcohol Image - Burn it back to disc using Alcohol, and any time you want to put the image on your HDD use Alcohol again to create the image of your backup disc - Mount and Play. Classic case of over processing with the wrong tools.:slight_smile:

Looks to me like a warez release.


This is where the problem is. I only burn my backups as “Data” (i.e. the ISO is mounted from the disc), because then there’s the maximum chance of a working backup. However, the MDS/MDF weight 730+ MB altogether, when a single ISO weights 655MB, so I can burn it to a CD-R. I had to convert it to ISO in order to burn it, and the fact that it worked from the HDD says something.


P.S. - I have nothing to do with piracy, I just love naming my backups similar to the scene rules. Sound silly, but… :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstand. You dont use Nero…etc to bun the MDS/MDF image file to disc, you use the Alcohol ‘Image Burning Wiz’. MDS/MDF are always larger off the disc but use Alcohol to burn it back - it will fit! After all MDS/MDF are Alcohols native format, and capable of holding Copy Protection information unlike an ISO.

Thanks, i’ll do so. However, why do you think that the CRC error happened? I have added a TXT file to the disc in addition to the image and it was readable!