Read Error at 00:08.00 Medium Error (code 030600)

I am not happy with my PX-712A. I burned two copies of the same SVCD with Roxio 6. I burned one on my PX-712A and one on my external Memorex 52 32 52 CD-RW. The mpeg file on the SVCD burned in the Memorex will run but it won’t run off the SVCD burned in the PX-712A. I repeated this several times all with Verbatim 52X CD-Rs and I get the same result.

When I run Plextool 2.15’s Read Transfer Rate Test on the all of the disks I get the following error almost immediately:

Read Error at 00:08.00
Medium Error (code 030600)

Do you know what this error means?


Bob Shem

What motherboard do you use?

MSI KT3 Ultra Model MS-6380E (v1.X) Via KT333 Chipset
Athlon 2600+
1 gig PC2700 SDRAM
ATI All-in-Wonder 8500DV
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum
Windows XP Pro Service Pack 1
The PX-712A is alone as master on the Secondary IDE channel which is running at DMA mode 2

Bob Shem,

Have you tried Captain Cremmen’s solution?

He switched his 712A from the Secondary IDE channel and it worked. Try swapping your 712A with the device in Primary IDE.

The code is in the MMC command manual and means “medium error (03), no reference position found (06 00)”. Pretty vague, but it usually is a medium error or a problem with the disc, and the ‘no reference position found’ probably either means a media defect or maybe a problem decoding the data address. Whatever it is, a medium error means a bad disc. The timing at 8 seconds into the data area could mean a write problem.