Read DVDs at 1X with SOHW-1653S

Is there a way to read a DVD at 1X (I want to make it read (or identify) at 1X even before inserting a DVD)?

The problem I’ve got is this. I got a DVD from a friend and it didn’t work on my DVD burner. I tested it on another drives (Sony combo drive, Samsung DVD burner, ASUS E616P1 drive and none of them identified the disk. But my friend has a GIgabyte D1600B drive which identifies it with no problems. I checked the disk and nero info tool showed the info in the attached files.

Since the screenshots show that the read speed is 1X, I was thinking if I could somehow make the drive read at 1X, it will work. But omnipatcher only allows me to set 4X speed minimum and it still doesn’t work.

Can you help me on this guys?

Does the Gigabyte drive (I think it’s a BTC…) read the disc, though?

If the drive is identifying the disc as having a read speed of 1x, then it means that

  • the drive has a messed-up speed reporting function, OR…
  • the drive is messed-up in general, OR…
  • the drive is fine, but the disc is messed up and is causing the drive to return bogus information

I would probably guess that the disc is just messed up. It is impossible for a disc to require a 1x read, and slowing the drive to 1x (if it’s even possible; I’ve actually never tested the speeds below 6x) will not help any.

The disk must be messed up.
The Gigabyte DVD reader identifies/reads the disk perfectly.
The disk is also playable on every standalone dvd player (which I presume reads at 1X max) - this was the main thing which interested me. forgot to mention in the thread starter. (i knew i missed something)