Read/Copy Errors did I buy a lemon?

I recently picked up a nec 2500A firmware 1.6

My problem is CRC errors when i try to copy files back onto the hard drive. The files ( .avi’s ) read fine from the disc but give me errors like these when they are nearing the end of the disc.

I later ran some tests on the drive using Nero CD-DVD speed tool.
That program gives me errors as well. Sometimes it gives me an error when trying to do a burn test. But most often it will spit out an error something like “invalid parameter list” when doing a read test once it reaches about 4 gigabytes into the dvd

Also i tried to copy a DVD that i burnt ( from a dvd .img file) not more then 2 days ago. I used Neros DVD copy. Turn copy on the fly off. Let it fly, come back sometime later and nero reports “Burn process failed” when it should be reading the disc or at most asking me to insert blank DVDR.

Any ideas ? Or should i just RMA the unit ?

inlcuded is a picture of the dvd-r media that is part of these problems.

read/data errors at the end of the disc is usually a tell-tale sign that your media is poor quality.
I would recommend using some good media!

Scans of this media in the DVD test forum support the fact that this media is crap!

Would it be somewhat safer if i kept the data on the date discs under 4 gigs.

Nero gives these errors now at random points on the disc.
before they would be closer to the end now they`re happening in the middle.
I dont understand why then i cant copy it back to the hard drive.
Ive burnt 2 dvd movies. Both worked fine in my stand alone dvd player. The unit doesnt want to copy either disc now but I can still watch the movie fine on WinDVD/PowerDvd.

I guess this is what i get for buying nec.

I don’t think those discs will work well with ANY writer.
So your statement of “this is what i get for buying nec” is unjustified.

Try copying the files back onto your harddrive using AnyDVD.
Download the trial here:

A friend of mine gave me about 70 blank DVD-Rs because at work they were throwing them out.

Hope these work better too bad they`re 2x.
Could have saved some money if i knew i’d be burning at 2x and 4x speeds all the time.

I Just dont understand why my standalone dvd player reads them fine.

If all my dvd players would spit them out and give me errors i`d get angry break a few things and get over it, but i find it silly that this nec drive is so picky. it reads the media fine but i cant copy !?

Your comments are incredilous.

You are complaining because you bought an 8X writer, but you failed to purchase 8X quality media. Instead you bought some crappy media and expected them to work flawlessly…

What standalone do you have?
It is well known that the 2500A does not have the best reading capabilities. However if you use good media, it should not have any problems at all.
I have yet to encouter a reading or ripping problem using my 2500A. And the 2500A is definitely NOT picky. It writes with good quality to more types of media than any other dual format writer on the market. This however, does not mean that it will write well to a crap disc.

just because a movie plays fine in a standalone doesn’t mean everything. It depends on the disc setup. according to how the disc is structured, its the extras that will get burned near the end of the disc, not the end of the movie. So watch the entire movie and all the extras before u say its read perfect. If its a movie only disc, then that idea can be tossed.

Wesociety has it exactly right.

I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve heard buy the NEC 2500A because it was a good burner for little money, then also buy el cheapo media, and expect the drive to work miracles with it just because reviews say it has excellent write quality and compatibility. Then they get upset either because the media has errors because of its poor quality, or because the drive doesn’t burn the media they chose out of spec at 8x. That’s like buying a CPU as cheaply as you can, then bitching when it doesn’t overclock another 300MHz.

The first thing almost every computer class I ever took (and that I learned when starting out as a tech ten years ago) said about data was GIGO - “Garbage In = Garbage Out”. Buy media that is known to have a good record (i.e., Ricoh, Taiyo Yuden, and some others) and you won’t have issues. If you want 8x capabilities, buy true 8x media that’s on NEC’s certified 8x list, don’t gripe when your 4x media doesn’t burn beyond the capabilities it’s spec-ed for.

LoneWolf (Happily burning Ritek G04’s at 4x just fine on his NEC, and they read great too, on everything he’s played them in)

I’m with wesociety and LoneWolf. That media was being tossed for a reason - nobody throws away blank media without a good reason.

I’m happy with the write performance of the ND-2500A I had (until the drive failed - the replacement has shipped today) on MCC01RG20 - Verbatim DataLife Plus 4x DVD-R, Made in India. This media is in NEC’s list as working at 8x, and indeed it does. However, it’s not cheap - GBP0.99 including tax per disc (though it is inkjet printable and in a jewel case at that price).

Some poor quality discs work better if you don’t write beyond 4GB. Other discs are just plain garbage and don’t work properly at all.

DVD is not to the stage of development of CD-R - these days, you can near invariably write any CD-R media in any CD-R capable drive and get good results (unless the media is absolute garbage). The best way to get good results with writeable DVD is to use quality media that you know your drive has an appropriate write strategy for in firmware - that is, media that’s on the manufacturer’s media list.


Yi Jahn is big crap :frowning: Had some of their media, but their quality is terrible!

there u have it folks… kill the media

You`ve got the situation wrong.

The media that im using is bought.

The media that i recieved for free i havent used.
Both the “extras” on the dvds are just extra audio Tracks or are on the 2nd Disc ( which I dont have )

Used nero CD-DVD speed. So far it seems a lot better then the store bought kind.

Oh well… I might just used the cheapo bought kind for DVD movies and the other kind for Everything else.

Originally posted by Number_17
Oh well… I might just used the cheapo bought kind for DVD movies…

Probably not a good idea if you want to actually retain your DVD videos for a long time.
The fact that you can’t copy the videos back to your harddrive is also a very bad issue IMO.

I would return these discs or sell them to someone else if possible… (although the poor guy that you sell them to will almost definitely have problems with them too)

OPTODISCK001 media is old - any still around is being sold as ‘bargain basement’ media. If this is the media you were given, that makes sense. Some drives only write these discs as 1x, and I have a feeling it’s only 1x certified media. The ND-2500A will write supposedly it at 2x because it doesn’t have any 1x write strategies.

I sense from previous comments on the forums that the ND-2500A is not that well optimised for media slower than 4x. If you really want to use this old stuff and it’s not working well on an ND-2500A, I suggest that you try to pick up an old 2x DVD writer and use that with it. Having said that, I believe this is actually reasonable quality media, and it might work better than the junk you have been using.

The ND-2500A works well with good quality 4x media.

So far all you seem to have tried is something that most agree is unadulterated garbage (Yi Jhan) and what seems to be rather ancient media (OptodiscK001).



Free and Cheap media, what a great combination.

I wrote the optodisc at 2x fine. Nero dvd speed did a transfer rate just fine.

Going to head down to walmart see maybe they`ll have something for a good price.

But seriously what am i going to do with 100 peices of garbage media ? Ohh the dilemma.

Im having problem with the nec drive concerning CDRs, but thats another thread another day.

Originally posted by Number_17
But seriously what am i going to do with 100 peices of garbage media ? Ohh the dilemma.

One thing about it - you don’t have to burn them to know they’re coasters.


Originally posted by Number_17
But seriously what am i going to do with 100 peices of garbage media ? Ohh the dilemma.
(Yells to Number_17) PULL!!!

(Aims double-barrel twelve-gauge at the sky)

LMAO:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: . but great suggestion:iagree: !