Read-cache only?


I just tested VeloSSD, and it works perfectly. However, in contrast to solutions like Intels Smart Reponse or Dataplex NVelo, I am missing an option in VeloSSD (which currently is my favorite).

As far as I understand what the software does from the description on this forum, it seems it uses the SSD as a read cache as well as a write cache for the HDD.

If this is correct, is there any option (or other way) to select only read cache mode? During my tests it wrote around 50GB of unnecessary data to the SSD just while copying some bigger files from a network drive to the HDD. Normally it should make way more sense to just cache regularily accessed data to the SSD, not any data going from somewhere to the HDD.

Disabling the write-back cache (or at least doing a write-through cache) would also help in keeping inconsistencies between SSD and HDD (and in result incorrect data on the HDD) away, in case the SSD malfunctions or the system crashes during disk writes.

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actually this option not exist. I have request this feature.
See this Post:

thanks for your interest,
VeloSSD uses r/w caching only right now.

Finding out which data is hot or not is subject to research.
Due to many many different usage scenarios,

I understand read cache is interesting.
Giving options to the user or advice
him would surely be an enrichment.

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We have support for Write Through enabled now.
Again it will need tests, but i can post a download
link in a day or two.
It is with a modified Gui that enables
the user to switch between Write through
and Write back Strategy.
There will be an extra option for Write Backā€¦

The Version of VeloSSD has Write through support.