Read/Burn DVD at ×26

I am doing a laboratory experiment, where we curiously and passionately try out things such as toasting bread in 10 seconds with overvoltage.

I know, that ×26 CAV speed may cause the DVD to explode or damage the drive itself and render media un-useable if it survived at all, but this is just an experiment. The fastest disc drives reach ×24.

The best disc drive to get from E-Bay are old and cheap TSST WriteMaster’s from 2005.

How can I allow the disc drive firmware to attempt reading/burning at ×26? Also on low quality media..

Another experiment: The ×48 slim laptop disc drive. Laptop drives usually just run up to ×24.

I´m not sure but I think the used controller-chips and motors don´t allow these speeds, can´t believe the FW could override this.

Nevertheless, I wish you luck :bigsmile:

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