Read buffer empty

I download NeroLinux 3 and when I copy a dvd at 8x speed or more, the read buffer gets empty, my dvd stops burning and when the read buffer is full again start the copy, after a few seconds the same.

I use ubuntu, but on the same machine with debian have the same problem, on windows it work ok.

Any clue?

Many thanks

Do you copy your DVD on-the-fly? If yes, I assume that your DVD reader and writer are on the same IDE cable no?

Is a copy from files of the HD to the dvd and are on different IDE cable

Interesting… Have you tried to make a performance check before burning?

Is an option of nerolinux??

Yes! Nero Linux is able to test the “speed” of your data before burning them. If the gathered speed is lower than what the recorder expects, the burning speed will be automatically slow down.
This option is the first check-box in the ‘Burn’ tab of the burn compilation window.


Something wrong with reiserfs filesystem.

I make some test, everytiem that the source or destination is a reiserfs filesystem, only I get 4 mb/sec.

I will switch all my machines to XFS.

Many thanks.