Read and write speed

Hi All;

My read and write speed has decreased to almost nill. My read
time for a dvd9 was 15-20 min, now it’s 2 hours. also my burn
speed dropped from 8-16 down to .5.

I do know a little about computers but this I don’t know, what would
cause such a drop.

I’am using dvd plat

my sustem is hp media 2005,
dvd burner is hp dvd writer 740d,hi24

Thanks for any help

My first guess is that your transfer mode has taken a dive.
There are a few recent threads dealing with this, but if you click on the two DMA links in my sig, you should be all set. Basically, with xp, as it encounters CRC errors, your optical drive’s rate of transfer is sequentially decreased and once you exceed the maximum of 6 CRC errors, you’re stuck in PIO mode. The second link will give you much more info and an excellent guide.

Hope this helps.

Thanks… I,am at work now,but will try first thing
when I get Home…

I’ve got the same issue ever since installing Both channels are set to DMA and my read speed is .8 MB/s to .9 MB/s. Any Help?

I’ve updated to but still .8 MB/s to .9 MB/s read speed. It’s now taking 1.5 - 2 hours to backup a move.

Thanks Maineman… all is good now,all systems go…

Thanks Again

You’re very welcome.
Glad to hear you’re up and running again… :cool:

Just because it is set to use [B]DMA if Available[/B] does not mean it will. If it is in DMA, it may be time to do some HD maintenance and clean the registry etc. Also DVD burner should be master on the secondary IDE channel while HD should be master on the primary IDE channel. Lot of things can effect speed such as CPU, memory, and amount of free space on HD.


How does one clean their registry? Never done this before. I have WinXP on an IBM Thinkpad T42.

Hi bigmacnc

PLEASE explain a little more :confused:
Do you mean the burner in side your Tower (primary) should be set as master and if you have a burner hooked by USB (secondary) also set as master :confused:
Sorry not to swift when it comes to stuff like this "Still learning :sad: "


Hi harmabif,

You can use “Reset DMA” function in “Settings” window to restore the DVD reading speed.

Best Regards,

There are quite a few registry cleaners you can download for free.My favorite is Advanced Windows Care V2 and here are a few more.
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner,RegCleaner and Registry First Aid.
Just do a Google search and you will find them.They are pretty easy to use.All of these have a backup feature,so if your computer acts weird after you use it you can easily undo it.
Hope this helps.

I find that burner on secondary set to master on IDE with any other optical drive placed as slave on secondary works better for me. All external drive cases that I have seen, the instructions state to set the drive master before installing, so I guess external drives purchased assembled is the same and create their own channel. I have HDs on my primary IDE channel because that way 2 drives are running at same time. I also manually set my drives instead of using cable select, that being when CS first introduced you had to make sure that the cable was compatible and CS was not as stable as it is now and I doubt there are many of the old 40 wire cables available now. I got in the habit of setting them myself, so I continue to set them manually.

My IDE system:
Primary Channel:
HD Master C:
HD Slave F:

Secondary Channel:
DVD RW Master D:
DVD ROM Slave E:

This way there is always only one HD and one optical drive running at the same time. I know that an all IDE system is obsolute per todays standards, but it does what I need it to do, burn DVDs.