Read and Burn simulatneously



I know it can be done because I did it numerous times in the past. I just can’t remember, nor figure out, how I went about doing it - and its enraging me.

All I want to do is make an exact copy of a DVD disc. I place the source into my laptop dvd tray. I place a blank into my external BENQ driver. I tried to use Nero DVD copy to do “on the fly” burning - but I can only select the box if my source is the BENQ, which doesn’t make sense. My source would have to be my laptop drive right?

Or am I supposed to be using DVD shrink? I tried with this, but all it ended up doing was reading from the laptop, and then writing on the BENQ after all the reading was complete.

thanks for the help



maybe your notebook drive is slower than your external one. So, Nero suggests to use the external drive as source drive. If you really want to use your notebook drive, then try to decrease the settings for writing speed.