ReactOS co-developer allegedly cracks Vista DRM

I just posted the article ReactOS co-developer allegedly cracks Vista DRM.

It looks like the DRM in the 64-bit version of Windows Vista may not be as strong as Microsoft claims after the co-developer of ReactOS, Alex lonescu claims to have found a way to crack it. The…

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so basically i guy says he can crack something but won’t offer proof. good one. i for one have worked out a way to bypass Microsoft’s internet security for MSDN so that you don’t need a logon :X , but i figure that since i sell Microsoft products, why should i give that information away… :d nice try. try harder next time. XP

Why do these hackers make these announcements so early on? Why not wait for awhile before corporations can slam out a patch that makes things 10X harder to work around? That guy who found the ACCS keys in memeory with windvd or whatever app, that might have gone on for years unnoticed, and gotten the keys for thousands of movies… now we get HD Taledega nights and the huge corporations working on the problem before it becomes a big one for them. Hackers need to take a page out of Sun Tzu’s book

“The Art of Restraint” perhaps?