Reaction from Iceland's REX Music Manager

I just posted the article Reaction from Iceland’s REX Music Manager.

Monday we reported about ‘Rex’ a new filesharing service from iceland. Well they were not to happy about our posting, they used our newssubmit to tell us this:

Regarding News posted by Dee-ehn…

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Where the fuck is Iceland BTW??

Please guy’s, you are mistaken.:o We are happy that you are interested in our little REX :wink: And we’re genuinely grateful that you actually posted that newsflash about us. But still the fact remains: We advertized in an Icelandic E-zine that we were looking for betatesters for a filesharing system, bound to icelandic ip’s. And some-didn’t-know-better-guy passing himself as one of us submits a post to you about this program. And as we started to get inquiries from abroad, We got curious, and when we found out what was happening we wanted to set things straight to spare people from further disappointment. Noone is blaming anybody really, especially not cdfreaks. As this is just a misunderstanding, that got to far. rgds, Kristján Friðjónsson REX PRE Manager p.s. the reason for an ip-specific filesharing system is lowering consumer cost. But don’t worry we will launch in Europe in forseeable future. :wink:

usa_dewd: Iceland is in Europe, but it’s an island in the middle of the Atlantic. Just like Azores and Madeira from my country, Portugal!

Will we get the scoop when it’s released ? :4

I would not be surprised.