Reaction from BREIN

I just posted the article Reaction from BREIN.

brein used our newssubmit to tell us:

BREIN is the body hunting for pirates of music, film, games and warez. BSA is doing the same for business software.

When you get tracked down by BREIN…

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We all love BREIN at the moment, don’t we? WE DO NOT!!! Grtz JP; who is out of illegal stuff finally; it gets very hot in that illegal business now…:c

Is liquid busted too?? Check out their site! :c

I also gotted a mail from pieter haringsma and deleted my site myself I also stopped dealing now I advise to all dealers to work with mail for the following reasons: If you have a proffesional site they are very interested in you They can trace you’re IP if you are uploading at that site Very risky…also do not mail back to the ANTI-piracy groups, then they also have you’re IP

Very likely if your IP changes every time you log in [f***ng modem]. Just don’t deal anymore that’s the good option. Who the fck is Pieter Haringsma??? And check the liquid mirrors… …they told it all in their last email.

whoops sorry Pieter issuh…voorzitter/president?! from the buma :slight_smile:

Stop with this shit. You brein suckers. They cant stop them. BUMA gets one… three got started at the same time. It’s the same as: Riding with seatbelt or not. They can’t stop us all !!! :8

There are lots of stuf etc. Look around and you will find it. :8

I also got that email in my emailbox, I think it’s FAKE!! Some lamers are trying to scare “us”, did ya al see the mailadress?? >> << that’s not the real BREIN!! But fuck the BREIN/BUMA/BSA anyway!!

Hi! If you think that they can’t find you, you are wrong! If you have 500cds or over and you sell those much! You have to pay for your crime your hole f*****g life! Okey about 10 years and over…over…much…money…!

Pfew, I only have 499 cds ;0

If they only start busting you when you have 500 + cdz then its easy :wink: What is selling much actually? 10 in a week? 100 in a week? Tell me? Grtz JP.

hehe djrolo :slight_smile: brein mails with: