RE: whats the best graphics card the Ati radion 9700 or the Ge4 fx

From reviews in computer magazines, the Ati Radion 9700 is the most powerful graphics card in 2002 with the GeForce 4 Ti 4600 coming in second. There are several GeForce 4 versions ranging from the MX to the Ti 4600. The Ge4 Ti 4200 is quite popular as it appears to balance value for money and performance, where as the Ge4 Ti 4200 is presently (from what I’ve heard) the most powerful of the GeForces.

The ATI’s are not that common here in Ireland, but they (along with Matrox) are in competition with NVidia’s Geforce cards. Most gamers I’m aware are talking more about NVidia’s Geforce cards and not even a word at all about ATI! :wink: This may be a different story with gamers in the US, UK and other countries.