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Hi all, am new to this fourm and am doing some research for my new rig.
I am lookin for a CD/DVD combo set (ie reader and writer). But am open to suggestions as I already have a CD writer. (Plextor)
I want to be able copy backup everything, games, software, DVD’s CD’s protections or not.
As far as i am aware a CD/DVD is a collection of 1’s and 0’s in a certain pattern on a disk. I want to copy these 1’s and 0’s in that pattern to a new disk not that hard you would think!!. I know this can be done on a floppy disk why not on CD/DVD ( its 1’s and 0’s after all.)
What I want to do is make an “exact” copy of the original disk.
I have a CD writer at the moment and it will copy most things accept protections. I want to upgrade on this by copying everything protections, bad blocks ect ect…

Should I go for a duplicator will this copy cd protections?
I am open to suggestions/ flames ect :slight_smile:
What would you recommend??




Hey costelg…Welcome to the forum. Please read ALL rules and regs for the forum and you’ll find your answer. As of late it seems this question is asked every other day and all that one needs to do is search and read to find 99&9/10ths of any and all questions. Once you have done this and you still can’t come up with a solution, this is the time to post. There are a ton of us out here that are willing to help, but the majority of us don’t like doing the work for you. Being your new I’ll give you a hint. Just go here This will give you a start.


Any of the latest burners from Pioneer, NEC, BEN Q, Sony, or Plextor will serve you well. I don’t copy games, but I do back up DVDs. Programs I recommend:

DVD Decrypter (removes protections, rips, and burns) FREE

DVD Shrink (removes protections, compresses to fit DVD5) FREE

DVD FAB Decrypter (removes protections, rips) FREE

DVD43FREE (removes protections on-the-fly) FREE

AnyDVD (removes protections on-the-fly) $30

Nero Recode2 (rips with DVD43FREE or AnyDVD, compresses to fit DVD5, burns with BurningROM) $8 (Nero OEM Suite 3)

Intervideo DVD Copy 3 (rips with DVD43FREE or AnyDVD, compresses to fit DVD5, burns) $50


Hi guys.
what I am looking for is a setup that will copy CD’s DVD’s.
In relation to CD’s when I say copy I mean copy the data from 1 cd to another protections and all. All the 1’s and 0’s (RAW data) from 1 cd to another in the same pattern. Is this possible??

This would make protections irrelelent as they would be copied too. The copied disk would be an “exact” 1 to 1 copy of the original.
Surely there is something out there that will do this? have the CD Writer companies not developed something like this :confused: :confused:




Like Sportfish said - PLEASE use our “Search” function above-

There are literally hundreds of answers to this very question-



If you’d take the time to read up on what teflonmyk posted, you’d see that what your asking is right in front of your face. I’m done and outa here.:a