RE: What Reader/Writer combo to get

Hi all

I know this has been done to death but am new to this fourm and am doing some research for my new rig.
I am lookin for a CD/DVD combo set (ie reader and writer). But am open to suggestions as I already have a CD writer. (Plextor)
I want to be able copy backup everything, games, software, DVD’s CD’s protections or not.
As far as i am aware a CD/DVD is a collection of 1’s and 0’s in a certain pattern on a disk. I want to copy these 1’s and 0’s in that pattern to a new disk not that hard you would think!!. I know this can be done on a floppy disk why not on CD/DVD ( its 1’s and 0’s after all.)
What I want to do is make an “exact” copy of the original disk.
I have a CD writer at the moment and it will copy most things accept protections. I want to upgrade on this by copying everything protections, bad blocks ect ect…

Should I go for a duplicator will this copy cd protections?
I am open to suggestions/ flames ect :slight_smile:
What would you recommend??



1.) Crossposting is frowned upon.
2.) You have your terminology a bit mixed up, “Combo” drive indicates a drive that reads and burns CDs but only reads DVDs, not burns them.
3.) Copying said 1’s and 0’s is possible if said DVD source is only single layer, dual layer will mean you will have to strip extras or reencode, or both, or buy expensive dual layer media.
4.) Sounds like a Plextor PX-716A might be a good choice, if you’re facing strong copy protection, but everyday DVD protection can be defeated on any drive.

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