RE: Weird Problem with TDKvelo burner and cdrwin.Please help



Ok I installed my new burner,the TDKvelo cd rewriter. Problem is,when I boot up cdrwin it says that it cannot find a cdwriter on scsi or ide bus. However it does reconise my burner in the reader section along with my atapi reader. Also All other programs work with my burner. Adaptec,Direct Cd,Clonecd. They all recnoise the tdk as a burner and i even tried burning and no problems their. I really would like to use cdrwin since that is the only program i used before with my old hp7200. Also,friend has the same tdk burner as mine and can use cdrwin no problem. he doesnt know what my problem is. IM BEGGING FOR HELP PLEASE…
Thank you


I have the TDK Velo writer and CDRWIN works for me. The only thing that I have noticed is that CDRWIN sets the TDK drive by default to both the read and write drive, so I have to change the source to my cd drive all the time unless I want to read and write with the TDK.

I don’t know if this will help your problem or not, but make sure that the TDK drive is set to master on IDE2. At least the manual states that’s how it has to be set up, so that’s how I did it and it works, except that I have to change the deault reader source as mentioned above.