Re: Want to record my Audio CDs to Hard disk without loss of quality

Hi, everyone! :slight_smile:

Do you still thinking EAC is the best choice for this purpose or meanwhile a better program arrived? i’m asking it because this thread is a little bit old (about one year old).

I’ve transferring the music of 3 audio CDs to my hard disk using Nero 7, in .wav format. The result was not very bad, but it could be better. It will be better if i used EAC or other program instead of Nero?

Meanwhile i’m reading the EAC tutorials, but as my English is very poor, :o i found it is hard to me install this program correctly. :confused: This is the reason i’m asking if there is another new program doing the same EAC do (very good quality), but easier to install.

Another question is: Each time an EAC new version is coming do we need to perform all the steps we did before for the first installation or we need just download the new version?

Thank you in advance. :bow:
I’m sorry but i think i’ve put this thead on a wrong place before. :o

Copy the *.CDA audio track to the file using the *.AIF file mode. *.WAV is not as good as *.AIF.

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