Re: Video Modes for DVD+Rs

I am a newbie who is trying to back up a movie that is 135 min in length. On the DVD+R case it mentions that if I record it in LP mode I can get up to 180 mins of video instead of the standard SP mode of 120 mins. I cannot figure out how the hell this is done please help! I am using a NEC ND-2500A burner along with Nero6 software. Can anyone please tell me how I may accomplish this?

the EP/LP/SP modes you see for recordable dvds are only applicable to standalone recorders and have little to do with their usage on computers. you only need to make sure that the total size of the dvd you wish to burn is small enough to fit onto a recordable dvd (4.38gb). take a look at the transcoding forum and the guides there to see ways to do this.