RE: Various CD writing software

Just a simple question!

I know some CD writing software conflicts with each other.

I was wondering if Nero, CDRWIN, CloneCD & the Blindwrite Suite would work ok 2gether on the same system.

Iโ€™ve heard that nero and CDRWIN conflict in some cases.

Can someone please enlighten me?

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

i have nero cdrwin clonecd and ezcd5 all on my XP system, no problems here.

Hi buddy
iโ€™m running nero,clone,cdrwin 3.8 and 5.2 and instant cd/dvd no problems too. But On installation of aspi iโ€™m running v4.6 โ€ฆ
Had some problems when running v4.7โ€ฆ

use the search function you will find lots of info in the threads.


just use the latests versions of those programs and all will be fine

they used to have conflictsโ€ฆbut not any more

Just donโ€™t use 2 types of packetwriting software at the same time. That will cause probs for sure! :smiley:

I am using BW suite, Nero, clonecd and CDRwin on a pc and no conflicts.