Re-testing disc with diffrerent results?



Out of curiosity today I decided to scan some G04’s I had burnt back in early July - I had scanned them back then and kept the results for later reference. Anyway they all averaged PI values between 20-40.

Scaning these discs now I was getting PI scans of between 200-400 - on one disc it reached 900.

Is this a case of discs degrading?

All discs still play flawlessly on my stand alone player.

Don’t know what to make of it…


Are you scanning in the same drive? At the same speed? Same firmware?

If so, then yes it’s possible that the discs are degrading, and they should be replaced while they are still readable.


Same drive, same speed and same firmware!

Didn’t realise discs could degrade so quickly - they are stored in a cool place away from sunlight in DVD cases - some have only been played once.

Guess Ritek aren’t what they are cracked up to be afterall - all the TY’s I have from the same period all scan perfectly as they did back then.


Have you tried doing 2 or 3 scans after other (same media\drive\firmware etc) i have been curious about this for a while but as my 2 dvd burners are not liteon i cant check PI. (NEC AND SONY)
nero cd\dvd speed for me does not produce the same results either even with everything being equal and scanned one after the other…


Yeah I have, both with K-Probe and Nero - very similiar results with each scan and across both programs.

I realise every scan will be different no matter what media you use, but the differences in this case from the first scans to the scans recently are too large.