Re: Taiyo Yuden No Shiny Silver?



Can the silver printable TY DVD-Rs be printed with a normal inkjet printer like the canon pixma 4000?
Or can I write with a normal CD/DVD marker on them, at least?

Thanks, guys!


Both your links are broken, or so it seems. :confused:

If the discs you’re talking about are [I]inkjet printable[/I] ones, yes of course they can be printed with the Pixma, assuming you have the CD/DVD tray (in the US these printers are sold without the tray :()

And you can write on them with a Sharpie too.


links should work now!

Yes I have the tray. The discs are called "for inkjet printing"
I never tried discs with a silver printable surface, only white ones.

Besides; is the printing result different from the white ones?
I mean, is “black” still “black” on a silver surface?


Yes and no… er… LOL - The “look and feel” of silver printable discs is rather difficult to explain, and even an image wouldn’t really tell you how your discs will look. You have to see it for yourself.

Personally I find their “look and feel” extremely cool. Most of my friends do as well. I don’t buy whites anymore, unless I want some precise color calibration that only a white background can allow.