RE: Software working together query

I have Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Nero installed, would it be possible to install WinOnCD 5 Power Edition alongside Nero without any problems.

I’m not sure which burning apps have problems with each other, will the two above work ok together?

I won’t be installing any packet writing software like DirectCD, i’ll just be installing the main burning app.

Thanx ppl! :slight_smile:

P.S. How do I get my signature image to show up below?? :confused: its just displaying a URL!

Go ahead and load WinOnCD 5. Nero and WinOnCD 5 will work fine togther. :slight_smile:

To get your signature image to show up use the codes as shown in vB Code help.

Such as:

Thanks for the reply concerning WinOnCD and Nero!

I still can’t get the signature pic to display! I have tried using but it just don’t work! keeps displaying the URL instead :frowning:

I have used before in another forum I use and it works fine, it just don’t wanna seem to work on this forum.

please some1 help??? :confused:

It seems that the format works only for the message body and not the signature. I don’t know why, and it might be a pain, but if you want it bad enough you could copy and paste it at the bottom of your message. :wink:

Thanx mate!

I’m just gonna leave it! can’t b arsed 2 keep pasting it in all the time! lol

Thanx for the help btw! :slight_smile: