Re-sizing Images



Ive got about 30 - 40 photos (jpegs) from a digital camera.

the camera is about 5 - 6 megapixel, i have no idea what resolution that is, i know its big but......

what im looking for is a quick and clean way of resizing all the images to say 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600. i could do it 1 by 1 in photoshop, but this is the lazy cough Digital age.....there has to be a quicker way.

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You can use actions in photoshop, sort of a macro. For every photo one push of a button. (you can make two actions, one for portrait and one for landscape photos).

Or you can use Thumbs plus (or Thumbnails Plus, not sure of the exact name right now) to do a batch resizing of images. you select a number of images that need to be resized and then you select the actions you want to be applied to these images.

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Use batch conversion available in IrfanView (freeware).


IRFanView…thats one powerfull / lightweight and accurate tool.

thanks Upp3rd0g