Re sims superstar

guy’s can some one tell me how many disc’s the sim’s superstar expansion pack has?? because i got one second hand at a bootsale its a
official disc its blue . when i load the disc it keeps asking for disc 2??
but it came in a 1 disc pack with the booklet ect all official.
thank you

As far as I remember it is only 1 disc. When is it asking for cd2. During installation or while playing ?

when iam installimg the disk.

Superstar has 2 discs.

I’m not one for pirating, but if you paid for the game officially, and had all intentions of purchasing the game in a legal manner, then I would not look down upon you for trying to find an image of disk 2 somewhere, it’s not your fault you got screwed… (If this suggestion violates the rules [I looked em over and don’t think it does] please lemme know)

Although I understand your situation, it is buyer beware. You may have to go and buy the game again.