Re: Reforming TS Video Files

Hey again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i think ive narrowed my question down to something everyone can get :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Ok im taking a burnt DVD movie d/l’ed from a torrent site putting the files from it onto my HD.

Now i get TS Video Folder inside the folder i have several other files they are
the original files eg. 3 VIDEO TS files, 2 VTS 01 0 files, and VTS 01 1,2,3,4 .
What i want to do is form those latter files into one file so i can use it to burn in another burning software program. I need the final combined file itself on my HD not anywhere else. Basically form all the files in one ON my HD . The DVD was burnt by Nero i want to do the burning process over again with another program.

I have had a few suggestions so far nothing solid, a few of the programs CAN reform the file but the program burns it… the file itself is in PAL i need to change it over to NTCS to fix frame rates. Older movie… anyways any suggestions would be welcome and thanks again :bow: Hopefully this makes sense to someone hehehe.

Simply reburning the files with another application will not solve your format issues and burning is the last step in the conversion process.

In any case, if you simpy want to reburn, use nero to create an iso image of the disc. Then open the image in another burning program and burn, or copy the folders from the DVD to your HDD and open them in the other burning program, or RIP the DVD using DVDFabDecrypter, or any number of other options.

And again, reburning the disc will NOT fix your NTSC/PAL issue. Conversion from one format to another is a long process that often doesn’t turn out decent results. There are guides over at videohelp or doom9.