RE: Problem with Lite on SOHW 1633S and Clone DVD by X Studios

I have Lite On SOHW 1633S burner and tried to back up my DVD’s using Clone DVD by X Studios V. I have Windows XP Media Center and use FUJI 8x DVD +R as my blank media. Initially, I didn’t have any problems with burning DVD’s and playing them on my stand alone JVC DVD players. But, lately, some of the DVD’s that I have burned won’t play on my JVC player but do play on the Lite On DVD burner. Can the firmware upgrade help with this problem? Thanks in advance for the help.

that depends…have u been burning ur dvds any differently then u have before?(i.e. using different burning software, copying an image vs burning the video_ts files, etc)…are u running any extra programs in the background?..also, it might just be that some of the dvds in the batch u got aren’t of the same quality as those u have burned before. :wink:

No, nothing has changed. Although I have Nero 6.0 pre - installed in my computer, but I don’t use it to copy DVD’s.

hm…if u have had ur burner for a while, i suggest u upgrade the FW to a sony 710a (BYX5) or the SOHW 1653s (CS0T), tho im currently using the CS0R w/ fast burn patch. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I’ll try that.

My Lite On is an OEM do you think I should use the CSOT or the BSOY flash upgrade?

Thanks for the help, I’m cruising now. Actually it was a software glitch and X-Studios posted an update on their software. But anyway, I updated my firmware to CSOT and have been burning the following discs without problems:
Verbatim DVD+R DL
Sony DVD-R
Fuji DVD+R
Maxell DVD+RW
Maxell CDR
Speed doesn’t matter to me, quality is more important.
Again, thanks to all of you guys.