Re philips sdvd8820

hi i have the dvd stuck on the setting region 1 with no more changes left is there a hack or flash i can download to get this region free as a i need it to go to region 2…dave

No, locked is locked.

so is there nothing you can do except replace as its only 2 weeks old and my son has been on it and used all the chances up…dave

You can contact the OEM/seller or try with AnyDVD.


I’m also having a problem with my Phillips SDVD8820 drive, which is in my Gateway mx6932b laptop / Win XP Media Center SP2.

It is all ok with DVDs but usually thinks that any CD that I put in it is a new blank CD and asks me if I want to start burning files to it. I have noticed a couple of times that it has recognized CD’s properly and then it would not recognize the same CD a short time later.

Since noticing the problem I have used the system restore DVD to reinstall Windows and the problem remains.

Do you think this is a hardware fault?


Disable the IMAPI burn engine and also autostart. :wink: