Re: neverwinter nights gold

in reply to the reply of my previous question: actually it would only be a silly question if i didn’t already own the game, since i do and i am just trying to make my backup work it’s perfectly legal and it’s a perfectly non-silly question

really i’m not trying to be a smartass, i just want to know if there was any settings that i should’ve tweaked on the ver. of alcohal i have when i did the backup or if it’s good to go right off the bat and it might be the game’s problem

Originally posted by cheeterio

i am just wondering if i were to use a cd crack if it would skip the authenticate and if so where would i find a crack for it?

Cracks are not discussed on this site. The web is littered with closed sites that openly discussed warez related matters. Please don’t mention this again.

You will need to read this and establish the protection; then you can decide on a method.