RE : Nero Express SE problem



Using Nero Express SE 3, when i try and convert 2 .avi into into a DVD video, i add both files, and it come up with message that both files will not fit onto standard DVD, so i either goto DVD9 mode or reduce quality to LOng PLay to fit it onto normal DVD.

Once it goes onto long play, and i have burned the DVD, i then experience a sort dubbing effect, where the sound has a minor delay lapse in it, or i hear the sound first, and then the mouths move,

Anyone please able to help me correct this problem, thanks in advance.



The latest few versions of NVE have had this issue, the latest release MAY have fixed it cant say for sure though, other than that you may want to give NVE30127 a go, this version was supposed to be that last good oneā€¦