RE: Need help with making backup DVD with DVD Shrink



Hello I just got my first DVD burner and am trying to make a backup of the movie Paths of Glory using DVD Shrink 3.2 and Nero 6.6.03, TDK 8X DVD+R’s. While the movie half of it came out fine there is no audio. Before You ask yes I left in the audio I wanted which was english. Can somebody explain what I did wrong? or did or didn’t do that I should have? This movie is out of print so I would very much like to put the original DVD away for safe keeping.

Thanking You in advance for Your help Scott :bigsmile:


there are several english audios that your dvd would most likely have. It might have DTS, and if you only kept that one your DVD player or reciever might not be able to decode DTS.

Rescan the movie and post here which audio’s the movie shows up. (it could have english 5.1, english 2.1, ect.)- if you keep the english 5.1 the movie should run with audio just fine.



No I saved all the english audios I only got rid of the French audio which was the only other audio on the DVD. Thank You for Your reply though. Any other ideas?


shrink and nero never worked for me try dvd decrypter and shrink, also check out all the guides on this site. CINDI:)


Well I feel like an idiot now. But in keeping with the spirit of admitting when I am wrong. I here by do admit that I did nothing wrong in the actual burning of the DVD backup for Paths of glory. However what I did do wrong was hook up my DVD player and my PS2 to the TV in what I thought was two separate RCA connections but turned out to be shared. Which resulted in the two units canceling each other out sound wise. Once I removed the DVD player and tried it out on the PS2 and visa versa it worked fine on both units.

I would like however to thank all the people that took the time out to help and apologize for making such a silly mistake that I should have checked first before posting…
Thanking You all Very much-Scott