Re:Midnight Club 2 Australian Version. Which Disc has the Protection



Tried to get copy protection information via clony v2.0.1.5, but comes up with is game installed, which then I go to installed directory and finds that it is Securom NEW V Which comes up for both discs. Which Disc do I copy with philamber’s guide as the play disc only has 4 files, 1)autorun.bat (1kb), 2)autorun.inf (1kb), 3) (685,196kb), 4)mc2.ico (4.593kb)
The install disc has the setup.exe, 11 files in total.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Dave.


You will only see files in Explorer that it is able to see. Files and file structure can be hidden from casual observation. You can view all files on a disc using, for example, ISO Buster.

If Clony comes up with both discs then it’s probably both discs.

You should send a PM to portmac (or email him) about this protection. You can view his site here


Thanks FutureProof, have emailed portmac with jpegs of the clony results, so I hope this helps, but I have tried Isobuster on the Play Disc but I can’t see anything extra on the disc.
Thanks again, Dave.


Hi again - nice to see another Dad get involved :slight_smile:

>but I can’t see anything extra on the disc

…yes, this is not the case on all discs.

Nice gear btw!

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Originally posted by Davo57
I have tried Isobuster on the Play Disc but I can’t see anything extra on the disc.

You won’t.

Whilst the game.exe of a securom 4.8x protected game contains the guard module, the protection actually lies in the special physical structure of the cd (the cds on which securom protected games are pressed are non-standard and are not available to the general public) and what the guard module primarily does is check that physical structure.

This isn’t something that will or even can show up in explorer or by using isobuster. The actual files on the cd are irrelevant to the operation of the protection. Indeed, with 2 cd games (e.g. Master of Orion 3) the protected executable may be present only on the install disc (which isn’t protected) but absent from the play disc (which is protected).

Confusing isn’t it? :wink:

However, no need to be concerned. As a general rule, the only disc that needs special treatment is the one that has to be in the drive when you play the game. :slight_smile:


I was talking generally about files and don’t wish people to think that this is the key


Thanks guys, I get a general drift that the Play Disk is the one to work on with BWA builder and Twinpeaks, so what would you suggest to copy the install disk (software that is and any special settings)?
FutureProof seems that you have got the kids covered in the way of computers, but I only have one son that is interested in computers and he kicks my arse all the time. Luckily the 2 girls have grown up and have families and is more interested in the nightclub scene and her car. BTW money must grow on trees over in cold, cold, Canberra!!! lol
Thanks again to you both for the help!
Regards, Dave.:bow:


As the expert says it is usualy only the playdisc that is protected, but if you are in doubt you can always run all discs through the bwa builder. Then you can easily tell from the graph if the disc is protected or not.


I’ve got the Aussie version and have successfully backed it up. The play disc is the ONLY disc with the copy protection. There is no copy protection on the install disc as I backed up the install disc just using the ‘Game CD’ profile and it worked so you can probably back it up using any burning program. Oh yeah and you have to have the CloneCD tray closed when playing this cause it’s been blacklisted in this version so you can’t play it in a burner(and I think the CloneCD virtual drives can’t be installed either)