Re: MBI DVD+R blank media tests



When the MII 8X media first came out it was as good as TY. I remember I saw some Memorex , Imation with the MII on it and bought quite a bit. They all turned out good. At that time I did QC Scan on each and every disc I burned, not so now days. I just use good media Azo Verbs, Ty+ and Fuji (TY), Sony (TY) and the MIS DL Verbs. At that time everything was burned with BenQ 1620s or 1640s.


(Moved from as blank media test threads are primarily for results, not discussion :flower:)

That said, I never understood why MBI’s media could look really good coming from some production lines, or be consistently mediocre coming from other lines. It’s like they maintain bare minimum specs on some equipment.