RE: LTR-52246S. problems trying to burn


I have installed the liteon 52x24x52 drive and flashed the firmware successfully to 6S07. But when i use Nero burning rom to burn an audio disc to the writer it ejects the the CD-R disc (Memorex 24x 700MB) saying to insert media. I have also tried the CD-R disc supplied with the Writer, and it does the same.

The writer is on the secondary IDE as master and a Phillips DVD ROM is set as the slave.

I also noticed that the on-the-fly was greyed out and not checked.

Help is much appreciated:)


You don’t try to burn more than 700MB of audio do you?
Because then you’d need 90 or 99min CD-R’s (or overburning your current 80min).
Or do you copy a audiodisc you already have?

No, im just copying an audio cd that is a lot less that 700MB. Im not copying over 700MB.


Can you burn data and audio at all?
Sure you’re using empty discs? :slight_smile:


I had this exact same problem a day or two ago. Comes toward the end of the burn and nero spits out the cd saying insert blank media?

I think it was due to me killing the old 4x writer that I had using exact audio copy. So not quite sure what could be causing it as never had the problems before using EAC, however nero and adaptec pointed at buffer underun problems. You should defintiely not get this with the newer drive. Check you have the cache size fairly decent in size under preferences, say 128 meg??

Sorry guys it was my fault…i wasnt looking what i was doing when choosing the source drive…DOH!!!

my apologies