Re-installing Napster!

:frowning: Well, it happen to me!

I got booted, but would like to get back everyones favourite MP3 searcher!
I can uninstaller Napster, but as bloody usual, it keeps a record of my user name in Windows Registry.
Anyone know of an easy way to get it out of there!?

Thanks for your help and sorry for such a brief note, but kinda gotta sleep for work at some point this morning, for work …in the morning!


As always i know the answer to everything!

check the ugly site:
and theyll help you.

Why still use Napster?! It sux with that filter on it!! :wink:
Just use WinMX or Kazaa!!

But if you want to get out the regfile just goto the regeditor (start/run -> regedit) and do a search on “Napster”, deleted all files and reïnstall the prog!!

Hmm, tried using WinMX but it kept doing wierd things or not even hooking up right!

Haven’t tried Kaaza, even though I did D/L it somtime ago… I guess its time to blow the cob-webbz off that folder and get installing!

Thanks for your help and G’ee why didn’t I think of that!
Derrrr! LoL

:slight_smile: See’ya around and a have KooL day!