Re-installing Genuine Windows



Hi everyone.

I am wanting to re-install Windows XP on my PC, and when I bought my Dell, it came with an authentic XP CD. So my question is: can I just reformat and then install the OS from the CD?


  • Jie


Sounds to me like you have a system restore cd’s?? are they? and if so then stick cd1 in your drive (I say cd1 cause there might be more than 1) restart your PC and it should start it’s ghosting or restore procedures.



If you are using the same disc that came with your Dell and are installing it back to that exact same computer (no new motherboard) then it should slick right in-

Everytime I get a new Sony Vaio - I reformat the harddrive - make the partitions the size I want them to be and reinstall the original software with no problems-



Thanks guys! I appreciate the replies.

One last question, Mike: if I’m just re-installing it, I won’t have to re-activate it or anything, right? I’ve only swapped out the the CD-ROM (for another BenQ1620).

  • Jeff


You can re-install in are way called Clean Install. Clean re-install for windowws xp you need 7 A drive disk so that when windows XP goes in to the copy right part you dont have to sit there and config it all.
just read up there about it.


Yo Jeff-

You should be good to go - BUT - I would have my regisration code handy so you don’t have to turn the case upside down to find the sticker-

Happy Burnin’



I’m sure you will have to re-activate it. :Z


Ever tried the solution to skip re-activation provided here?

To the best of my knowledge it should still work with SP2 (if your CD is earlier than SP2 and you want SP2 installed, I’d recommend to slipstream your CD).

Note that this is a workaround to skip re-activation on the same computer and assuming you don’t change any hardware, it won’t work to skip activation completely. :cop:


Thanks for the continued replies guys.

One last question: if I do have to re-activate (I’ve changed one piece of hardware), how do I do it?

  • Jie


what do you mean changed


I mean this: my drive originally came w/ a CD-ROM and DVDRW, and I replaced the CD-ROM w/ another DVDRW.

  • Jie


Yo Jeff-

Changing an optical drive is no biggie-

Changing a motherboard or primary hard drive is a biggie-

You should be good to go (keep regisration code handy)