RE; How to upgrade firmware on burner?



Hi, I have a LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S (G) Burner attached to my PC externally with EZ DUB 3.4. It has been giving problems lately and also when I put blank DVD in the burner it says “Medium not Present” and I want to try to update the firmware but I don’t know how to do it. Can someone send a link to show me? I would really appreciate it.


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Download the firmware here, unzip the executable, and run it.

Be careful to select the correct drive, because flashing a firmware in the wrong drive can kill the drive. At the end of process, simply unplug the drive and connect it again. The system will recognize the new firmware installed and that’s all :slight_smile:


thank you for responding. when will it ask me to “select the drive” I am about to extract the file and so far it hasn’t asked me to select any drive and I want to be careful?? thanks


When you unzip the file, you can select any folder you like on your hard disk. Once the file is unzipped, then run it :slight_smile:


ok great. Also, how can I find out if my burner is compatible with +R media or -R media OR both? I am thinking maybe I am using the wrong format with this burner?? Thanks


All burners are compatible with both + and - discs. Only the very first DVD burners were selective, but these drives are not more produced by years :slight_smile:

The Liteon SHW-160P6S can certainly write on both + and - R discs :iagree:

EDIT: You can read more details here