Re error 16580608

hi guys , im new to all this stuff , but im trying to put some files of films ive downloaded onto a dvd+ but everytime i go to burn them i gets this error which say divice error 16580608 , anyideas anyone cheers steve:confused:

Knowing what program you used would be good, Steve.

oooops , well im on windows xp, and im trying to put my film files onto a dvd+r in cdburnerxp and burn into lite on dvd exturnal burner, it was doing this job ok at one stage but now the error stops me , ive also done this in nero 8 burning rom hope this helps steve

Seems that error in CDBurnerXP occurs when it’s not able to write. Perhaps some other program is using the writer or the media is highly unstable. What kind of brand of media did you use?