i have a sony drx 700ul dvd burner,
it came with some nero software,
i know how to back up dvds and stuff,
i use dvd decrypter and then dvdshrink,
but if i back up dvds and save the files on my harddrive,
they are ready for burning on a dvd, BUT,
then if i try to use the dvd maker on nero it re-encodes them,
now why would i want to wait again for it to decode if i already did,
anyway my question is if there is any software that doesnt re-encode the files,
help is appreciated,



If you save your backups in *.iso format then you can use Nero to burn them.
Just open Nero Burning Rom and select Recorder -> Burn Image and then select
your *.iso file. Make sure that in the Burn Compilation window you have selected
DVD Image (Nero 6.3).

I hope this will help you. :slight_smile: