Re-enabling drives

G’day. I’m new to this so I’m sorry is this is a repeat/regular question. I have searched the forums for a solution to my problem without any luck, so here goes…

I’ve been using anydvd (and clonedvd) for about a year without anyproblems. I have upgraded each time I received notification of the latest version and I am now running I haven’t burnt a DVD for a couple of months, and now that I’ve tried to do it, Clone tells me that the DVD is protected etc, and AnyDVD shows the status of the drive as disabled. The drive works fine with bought and burnt disks with PowerDVD, which I recently re-installed, and shows in control panel as working correctly. Also, the drive is shown in the ‘drives’ section of the anydvd ‘settings’ and is ticked!

The drive is an NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A USB. I run updated anti spyware about twice per week. Can’t think of anything else that might be relevant. I’m sure there is a very easy fix, but I just don’t know what it is!!

Thanks in advance…

I’ve seen this happen , every once in a while ,
I don’t have an explanation for you .

Right Click on the AnyDVD’Fox’ Icon in your Task-Bar ( Notification Area )
>> Exit ( AnyDVD will close )
>> Open AnyDVD ( from your All Programs or Desktop Short-cut )
Your Drive(s) should now be “ENabled”


Yep, tried that but no good. Thanks anyway…

Being a USB , have you tried UNinstalling / REinstalling the Drive ?

and/or REinstalling AnyDVD over itself /REboot ?


I have the same drive as you, but it is internal. When I did the last updgrade to AnyDVD, it showed me that my burner was not present. Uninstalled AnyDVD and reinstalled and everything was fine. have no idea why it happended and this is the first time it has, but working fine now.