Re: DVDFab

I was reading about the facts of the new DVDFab release that will be better with the Dual Core PC’s can anyone explain what and how it will better work with these PC’s. Thanks for your help, guys and gals.

The C.

Ting would have to tell you in any great detail, but as I understand it the DVD to Mobile engine has been completely redone to take advantage of multicore processors. Profiles that use H.264 have seen the most dramatic speed increase (16 fps before, 38+fps after for me)since that type of compression is more CPU intensive than vanilla MPEG-4. I have seen some speed increase in reads in the DVD to DVD modes as well but this may be coincidence.

Thanks signals, can you give me example times of burns in minutes saved or speed of burns increases you had?

Thanks for your help and info.

The C.