Re - Doing DVDs?

I know nothing about this and i’ve asked around but i’ve never got any help with it. I was wondering if people could help me with syching SBD audios to AUD DVDs and mixing in different cam angels for shows. Also i need help with removing menus and re doing them, and deleting buttons on menus that don’t work. Is there like a spacial program that does this and lets you remaster DVDs? I have nero 7, can you do it with that?

I have to do what you are wanting to do all the time… and it is not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. Nero 7 will burn your finalized DVD and that is about it. As far as the audio, without going into great detail…
it is a matter of extracting the original audio, converting it to an uncompressed format, and putting it into a multichannel audio app (I use Cool Edit Pro 2) to sync up to your alt. SDB audio. Since your original audio is (hopefully) already in sync, it is just a matter of “tweaking” the new audio to match the original.
As far as mixing in different camera angles, your gonna need a more professional video editting package (I use Premiere). It will be much easier to reauthor the disc, than try to fix mistakes made my others.
The main apps I use to do what you are wanting is:
Rejig (to demux A/V)
headac3he - to convert compressed AC3/MP2 to wav
Cool Edit Pro 2 - for syncing
Premiere - for editing
DVD Lab Pro - DVD authoring
IMGTool - build image from DVD Lab output
IMGBurn - to burn image

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Well the only thing i know that i have is premiere…i think, it’s Adobe right? I know i have something like that but i’ve put it somewhere and i don’t know where…there’s a software named vegas and you can put in different angels using that. Everything is just so expensive though :confused:

It is been showed right away when you start this big tool.

Have you ever used it? It is for pro’s, I’d say.