Re: CXD3 Quality


(1) I tried CXD3 and it seems to have better quality. Anyone else have the same opinion?

(2) Does CXD3 save the AC3/5.1 audio from a DVD and use it when it is in the source rather then make up a new one?


(3) Also, I HATE the default and alternate ICONs that are distributed with CXD3.

How can I get back the original icons for CXD2 or download some other icon choices?

I have noticed that CXD3 creates a slightly larger output but I haven’t compared them closely for quality differences.
I also hate the new icon.:Z If I kept the shortcut on the desktop I would probably change it.

Quality is a definite BIG IMPROVEMENT !!!

Maybe VSO let us downloads a pack of alternate icons. Maybe someone can do that for us.