Re:cross flash 1640 > 740

Hi :slight_smile:
As I’ve done some testing with my 2 BenQ 1640’s regarding the benefits of MCSE. I thought I could cross flash 1 drive to a 740 & do some comparisons.
However I know I’ve seen it somewhere but can’t find it now, so could somebody tell me how to crossflash or provide link
Many thanks in anticipation

PX-740 1.01 .cvt @TDB
BenQ 1640 BSGB .cvt @TDB
You can upgrade to BSJB with the normal exe file afterwards.

WinDWFlash to flash the cvt

Hi :slight_smile:

Thanks Zevia :cool:

Will start playing around this evening :bigsmile: is down right now. Anybody has a link to the 1640 FW .cvt file? THX
PS: Only the PX-740 is available in my country. :Z

Hi :slight_smile: is back try again if no go pm me with email address & I’ll send it to you

BSJB.cvt is here .

Thank you guys, I have both kind of cvt files now. :bow:
It feels much better to have a BenQ 1640. :smiley: