Re-Branded pioneer 108D by Asus

hi guys

i have bought a re branded pioneer by asus, it was real cheap.

now my pc reconises it as a asus drive but i want to turn it back to a pioneer so i will have all the firmware options, but i cant flash it with pioneer firmware so what should i do?

i was thinking i need to change the kernal is this right? how would i do this? i am new to all this and so clear and simple instructions would really help.

i am sure its a pioneer becuase when i open dvdinfo it says that it was make by pioneer in the extra info section plus the guy i bought it from said its a 108 and it has the same fetures, 16X daul layer etc etc…

any help will be greatly apriciated.

I haven’t tested it yet, but this firmware is said to have the 108 kernel included, which you will need in any case. Have a look at firmware page before you do anything!

what do you mean have a look at the firmware page before i do anything?

Well, patching a kernel & firmware can end up in a non functional drive if anything goes wrong. Be sure you know how to flash/use flashtools and stuff…You can find the firmware page here. If you have already done things like this, simply forget all the things I wrote :slight_smile:

lol thats the problem i have just downloaded the link you gave me and it seems complicated!

i was wondering if you could do this fo me with remote help or walk me throught it with msn i would really apriciate this, if you have enough time.

I don’t think that it is necessary to hold your hand doing this :slight_smile:

Make sure you don’t have any media in the drive !!!
Also. this is a hacked firmware, not an official Asus or Pioneer one!!! (But it will bring the best out of your drive!!. But consider it is not an official firmware !!)

Here is the important part from the readme:

1/ Download the latest version of DVRFlash from and extract the executable you
need (Windows, DOS or Linux) in the directory where you
extracted the patched firmwares
3/ If you are flashing from windows, and I: is your DVR-108
drive, open a DOS window and type a command like:
DVRFlash -v I: R8100108.114
or, IF you need to flash the kernel (Rebadged -> Pioneer):
DVRFlash -vf I: R8100008.114 R8100108.114

Hope this helps.

okay i guess your right!

but can you help me out, i have windows xp so i have to extract the win32 but were? it just sayd windows directory but were?

…and after i have extracted it in the right place i need to extart the kernal and the firmware in the same foler right?

then after i have done that i need to give the command right? so i press on “start” then “run” and then the instructions said to put a command like

“DVRFlash -v I: R8100108.114” but dont need that one becuase i have a Rebadged pioneer so i would type “DVRFlash -vf I: R8100008.114 R8100108.114”

is all this correct?

thanks so much for your help.

Just do a directory with any name. Extract the all the files you have downloaded there (i,e flashtool and firmware).

Yes you are correct!

okay thats so much!

just one more small question!

it says that the bitsetting was not patched what does this mean? becuase if i want my xbox to read the dl dvds i burn i have to booktype it to dvd-rom but will it do that automaticly? ( i heard that the dvr-108 auto bookypes to dvd-rom)

thanls again.

The pioneer does not support bitsetting on dvd+r as far as I know. But the PIODATA drive (also a rebadged 108) does. You may flash your drive to PIODATA if you wish :slight_smile:

Hope you will get it all working but I am leaving for a christmas party right now. Happy Xmas and goodbye!

(Btw, I am not quite sure if flashing from the “run menu” will work. You have to apply the correct path. Haven’t done any flashing in XP. I always use a dos boot disk (from ME or 98se) or flash within win2k sp4. But I am quite sure some people here are also willing to help you if have any further questions!).

thanks for all your help.

nope it did’nt work! does any one know how i can flash it with windows xp?

p.s does anyone know if after i flash the pioneer it willl automaticly change the bitsetting from + to dvd-rom even with daul layer dvds?

many thanks

The Pioneer defaults to auto-booktype to DVD-ROM for DVD+R DL discs. Using the Piodata firmware will auto-booktype for both DVD+R SL and DL.

thanks so much i got the drive to work i am so happey this drive is fuckin phat as hell thank mr burns :bow: :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

Finally it’s a good idea to read the flashing instructions carefully.
Enjoy your tweaked drive.

Happy burning and a happy new year!