Re-boot from DVD disc



When I got some new software installed on my computer I had a back up disc done at that time. I now need to use this back up disc but I cant get the computer to boot from the DVD drive. I have two ghost files on the DVD on is about one gb and the other is about half gb so I cant put it to CD as its to big. Is there someway of shrinking it to fit to CD or can someone tell me how to set up comp to boot from DVD

Help please


Enter the boot menu and set the DVD drive to be the first bootable device.
I’m entering the boot menu by presing F11 after turning on the PC.
Or simply try to access BIOS and find the boot menu there.


The DVD Drive isn’t showing in the BIOS boot menu


Ok, but it at least detected by BIOS? If the drive is OK it must be detected by BIOS.


Ok i’ll have another look and let you know how i get on


Yes, the problem is just getting it to boot from optical drive. Once it’s working, it should boot from either DVD or CD. No difference. At least that’s been my experience.

Of course the DVD or CD must be bootable.


Good news and bad news
I have managed to get the computer to boot from the DVD where my backup copy is
but all it displays is a menu page for Norton Ghost. Across the top I have about 6 different options to change settings. I can’t get any further then this screen I’m beginning to think the backup hasn’t worked when it was originally done.

I have looked in the Norton Ghost thread at the top of the page and the page I get is not on there. I am unable to use the mouse (keyboard only) so don’t know how to copy page to list here

Any ideas anyone