I’m completely new to the whole DVD backup process so please bear with me if this sounds like a stupid question…

I have used DVDFab to back up a number of original DVD’s, some of them however freeze during playback.
Through this site and other recommendations I have ascertained that I should do two things:

[li]Burn at a slower speed
[/li][li]Use better quality blank DVD’s

Both of which I am now doing (bought TY DVD’s)
The question I have is this,
Are the DVD’s which have freezing issues in playback totally useless or can I create a new backup from these (burning slower with better blanks).
Or would I need to re-backup from the original

Many thanks in advance

If they are not RW’s then they most likely have data written on them and are now frisbees…what speed are you burning at ? If you have backup on HDD then burn from there, no need to re-backup… unless you have a bad rip of course ,does backup play from PC ok? w/o freezing issues?..

Thanks for the quick reply.
I do not want to overwrite the DVD-R that has the freezing problem, I just need to know can I make a new backup from this DVD-R or will I just get an exact copy, freezing issues and all?

Just because they freeze in a standalnoe player does not necessarily mean they will have the same problems in a PC optical drive (but they might). DVDFab has the ability to read scratched or damaged discs that may correct some of the errors on your backups. I would try one and see if Fab can straighten it out. Write it to a hard drive folder and play it with WinDVD to see if it skips, then use Write Data to burn it to disc (slowly) if it plays OK.

You’ll most likely get the same problems…so burn again from original source…again is your backup on your HDD?

Movie is no longer on HDD and I no longer have the original either.

I will try Signals’ suggestion