Re-Authoring multiple DVD's



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I have a rather large library of MMA (mixed martial arts) fights on DVD. I would like to condense the best of the best onto one or two DVD’s. Currently I am using DVD shrink and DVD decrypter. Should I just use the “start of frame/end of frame” feature to create multiple mini ISO’s and then compile them using DVD shrink? Is there a better way or different software I should use?

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why don’t you just rip each title you want,then move them to seperate folders and after you’ve done that,open shrink again and go to where each title is and add them to your compilation.Hit re-encode or burn or what-not.


There is also DVD Lab that can do what you want.


Maybe an oversight on my part but I had a couple ISO images that I tried to access w/ DVD shrink but couldn’t get it to work. My goal is to take seperate chunks of data from several DVD’s and compile them onto one disc. After I figure this part out, I want to be more thorough by adding my own chapter marks and menu items. For now I will be happy with details about the basics or reference to a guide on this topic.

I will also see if I can figure out DVD lab.

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The tutorial below should assist you somewhat, though you are probably familiar with some of it.

::: DVD Shrink: Combining Titles from different DVDs :::

As for adding menus, software such as DVDLab and TMPGEnc DVD Author should work.


I would like to test this idea before posting but I’m not at my computer. So here’s what I’m thinkin:

I have one dvd drive so I would need to rip to my HDD first. The fight disks that I have are not broken up into seperate titles per fight. Usually the entire event is one title consisting of 8 or more fights. Within DVD shrink, if I use the start/end frame function to isolate a fight into its own title and then save it under a VIDEO_TS directory on my HDD, could I then use DVD decryptor to access that VIDEO_TS folder and create my compilation? Is there a specific way I should structure the file names? I noticed in that guide there were different file types under the VIDEO_TS example (ie Video_ts.ifo and vts_01_0.ifo)
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Those extensions are part of the DVD structure and are automatically created by DVD Shrink.
This appears to be no easy task as the lack of simultaneously available drives (sources) means that you have to extract a little at a time because you can only load a little at a time.
You would have to re-author many times until you get the scenes you want together.